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Things weirder than Regina being Emma’s “Grandmother…”



  • Bae being about 1289 years older than Emma.
  • Rumple being 673487634287623489432 years older than Belle.
  • Hook having pretty much the same relationship to Emma that Regina does and nobody giving a flying fuck.
  • Speaking of flying fucks…Emma has also got that one covered with Walsh.
  • "I ate my boyfriend" - yeah lets just skim over that one Ruby.
  • and the way Mary Margaret runs.

and the way Mary Margaret runs

and the way Mary Margaret runs

and the way Mary Margaret runs

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make me choose once-upon-a-who asked Mayor Regina or The Evil Queen?



her reaction. 

This is kind of a cool reaction - to me it’s saying “I made the right choice.” It hurt like hell because he should have been with her (though she doesn’t have the memories of him not being there), but it means that Henry was protected and loved, and really that’s all she wanted. Bravo, Lana.


I am legitimately worried that Swan Queen is going to become canon on a day where I’m not home alone. Because seriously, when that happens I am going to scream and flail and probably fall off the couch and break into gross sobs on the floor, and I don’t really want other people to witness that glorious breakdown.


Dying to know what Emma and Regina were talking about when they were alone just hanging at the Charmings apartment for no reason. 

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Regina being proud of Emma because of her magic in ‘The Jolly Roger’ requested by ladycreed


talking to people about my obsessions pretending im just a casual fan

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bellegold asked emma swan or olivia dunham